GECO is an agent for Dutch, English, German biggest exporters of potatoes seeds e.g. AGROPLANT Holland B.V., Europlant, Grampian Growers, Higgins.

GECO is one of the top fertilizers distributors in Egypt trades in the local and imported fertilizers (Ammonium Sulphate, Sulphate of Potash, Ammonium Nitrate, Urea, super phosphate fertilizer).

The company imports fertilizers from Ukraine, Russia, and Belgium.
Also it is specialized in importing & distributing yellow corn & wheat bran.

GECO owns two farms; 170 acres farm located in Kilo 122 Alex-Cairo Desert Road & a 1000 acres farm located in Almenya Governorate.

Historical Background

GECO had been established in 1995, its main activity is dealing in local fertilizer trading.



Our main target is to meet Egyptian market’s needs from fertilizers, so in order to achieve that target we depend on our Egyptian factories such as:

  • Abu Qir fertilizer &chemical IND
  • Egyptian Chemical Industries Co. (KIMA)
  • Societe El Nasr D’industries Chimique (SEMADCO)
  • The Financial and Industrial Egyptian
  • Abu Zaabal Fertilizers & Chemical Co.


GECO is a member in:-

  • International Fertilizer Association (IFA)
  • The Arab Fertilizer Association (AFA)
  • Egyptian Association for Fertilizer Traders & Distributors.



In 2000 after studying the local market needs, GECO observed that the Egyptian market needs more fertilizers than our factories can provide, so GECO added importing the best quality of the following below varieties from different exporting countries such as: Yemen, Turkey, Ukraine, Russia and Belgium.

  • Fertilizers (Ammonium Nitrate, Potassium Sulphate, Urea and Sulphate Ammonium).
  • Animal feeding – (Coarse Wheat Bran).
  • Seed Potatoes

Because of the uniqueness of Netherlands in producing seed potatoes; GECO had contracted with the biggest Dutch companies in that field and became the sole and exclusive agent of Agroplant Holland B.V in A.R.E which produces the finest quality of seed Potatoes.

And since the beginning of this contract GECO is importing various seed potato varieties, such as the following:-

Spunta -E-, Margarita and Hermes.

In addition to other varieties such as Lady Rosetta and samples’ varieties: Dido, Disco and Jade.